Write Anything

The writing so far...

In 2017, I was a top 5 writer (by quality and response time, client-rated) on Torre.co's writing service for small business blog posts on topics ranging from the future of work to the future of soccer. On Quora's platform, a short story about how I told the truth to a policeman after pulling myself over became a 99.9-percentile response (by upvotes and comments). In 2019, I co-wrote an autobiography with an 89-year-old country doctor who advanced medicine and was both a volunteer medic in Vietnam and the onboard doctor for the FS-367 in the Pacific.

Nowadays I write for yukaichou.com and for the Octalysis Prime gamified education community, including in-game lore, patch updates, announcements, 1-on-1 discussion, wikis, quizzes, geomon scenarios, and onboarding guides. Since I'm passionate about writing and writing tools, I invited Michael Gurevich, founder of ilys.com, to join the Octalysis community, where he refined his product into--in my opinion--one of the most underrated writing aids there is.

Outside of "work", I self-published two science fiction novels (see erikvanmechelen.com) and co-created with NY Times Bestselling Fantasy Author Richard Knaak and emerging near-future technology fiction author, Eliot Peper in their respective Bound series. I recently wrote the first book in 50 years on a popular board game, Diplomacy, with the audiobook--narrated by the author--to be released in April 2020.

I also write poetry and short stories. A current side project echoes Ted Chiang's Exhalation with near-future philosophical shorts. Each week, a few hundred readers open my book reviews like this response to David Foster Wallace's last book, The Pale King.